Who Killed Kevin LoveTeam?

Melbourne. The year 2050.

In a ritzy uptown hotel lies the dead body of Kevin LoveTeam, one quarter of the worldwide  boy band phenomenon that is: LoveTeam.

On the case are senior Detective Georgie McAuley from the Yarra City CrimeForce – bitter and world weary, with a lope in her step and a chip on her shoulder – and her new partner, Detective Evelyn Prosser, a young ingenue and celebrity cop, famous for thwarting homegrown terrorists.

The investigation into Kevin’s murder will lead them deep into the dark echelons of boy band politics, to an encounter at an abandoned yacht-club with a small-time street-dentist and a gang of endangered animal smugglers. Then, when LoveTeam’s manager reveals that the band is being stalked by one particularly overzealous fan, McAuley and Prosser begin the search for Facebook Li – teenage girl, LoveTeam super-fan, potential murderer and terrorist threat.

After uncovering the dark secrets festering at the heart of LoveTeam, the investigation forces McAuley and Prosser to go rogue, fighting for the truth against the armies of an evil pharmaceutical conglomerate and the justice system itself.